25 May 2010

Still uber pissy

So this is my last week as a sophmore... My mother has ruined it completely. No sweet 16 no friends no anything. I really do hate her but now it seems I have friend problems and I am fucking staying out of it. K was mad at S for ditching her since S is dating A. I can understand that. Now the chances of me seeing friends are slim to none this summer. I want to spend time with S and SS and J and K and A and SF all of my friends I don't want to be caught in a fight. With things that have been going on the last thing i need is more drama so K and S i have decided that if i have to choose anyone i will choose no one. Now tell me if this is fkd up. S ate lunch with our usual group... N SS K J A and me K and N got up and left right after they were done eating... i wasn't done and was enjoying myself when usually i go with K I didnt see her until we went to the entry way and she just left then i saw her at her locker and started walkin towards her and she takes off fast... Is this fkd up or what... WHAT THE HEL DID I DO!?!?!?!?!?!!

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  1. thats just fuked up and stoooopid cuz thats just unessesary for that to happen and bee done