06 May 2010

Depth of death

They jumped over the edge and as she did the cap just fell right off of her head revealing her golden curls. The men standing on board gasped in amazement at what they saw. The two secret lovers dove below the surface as an explosion erupted from the ship. Scraps of wood and all the belongings of the sailors blew into the air and nestled themselves gently on the water. The man and woman rose to the surface and fought for air grabbing onto a shattered wooden board. The board soared along the waves that thrashed the couple about crashing into other remnants of the disaster and tore away at the man’s hide. He attempted to stay aboard the shard the only thing that kept him from plummeting to his death was her. As the waves calmed, he lifted his head to see her slipping away from him. She had been knocked out by an unknown object and was lifeless. She slipped and he reached for her. But alas he was too late. She fell below the board and sank into the bottomless abyss we call the sea. He was left alone on the shard of wood. Blistered, torn, and slivered. No longer had he, the chance to live, the fight or will. Yet he could not bring himself to the torture of suffocation and his lungs collapsing as they fill with water. He used the little strength he had left to pull himself on top of the driftwood and took his last few breathes and movements to pull out a bled picture of his love and simply whisper , “I love you” as he died of exhaustion and a broken heart.

Not actual encounter

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