04 May 2010

Nvr evr

I hav only ever left 2 things on the computer desk and not found them aftr my fathers cleanin sprees.
Last year I left my jump drive then I had 2g2 school on a down day and forgot that it was in the computer. Since my dad didnt hav 2 work he cleaned the house which was nice but he cleaned the computer desk which ment moving my jump drive and then forgetting where he put it.
Then this morning I discovered my MP3 charger was missing after I left it in the computer in a hurried attempt 2 leave the house 2 babysit. But this time i found it. It was shoved in the camera case with all of its various cords cuz he thought that was where it went.
So in conclusion to all you future husbands and fathers (my mom has had problems 2) dont clean without asking first im sure its appreciated much more.

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