18 May 2010


So excited ya know! My birthday is on the 31st! Sweet 16 here I come!!!! Too bad i like dont get much of a party but i invited 5 of my good friends to see Letter to Juliet and then come back over to stay the night... get us girls together and it will be wild. hoping that i will be able to rent a movie off of the tv.... maybe something with a sexy shirtless guy.... speaking of there has been this movie on the pst few days with an actor i know nothing of that has his shirt off most of the movie and it just is sooooooo HOT!!!! LOL gotta love hot guys right?! Right now i should be dong an assignment in math so.... oh well... i have until friday....... LOL so hyper just in a good freaking mood... LOLLOLOLOLOL why does this kid keep looking at me.... <-- MATT YOU'RE SO WEIRD!!!! LOL JK LY!


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