18 May 2010

Dark Abyss

So I finally have a chance to post this dang thing since it has been on a damed computer at school for forevr and a day.... ENJOY!

Slowly shuffling along the edge, backs pressed against the wall, they breathe a sigh of relief for the end of the six inch ledge is just feet away. The air escapes their bodies slowly as air being relieved from a tire. Pebbles fall into the dark, bottomless cavern below. They stop.
“Please be careful,” she whispers so quietly he almost couldn’t hear, “I don’t want to lose you.”
“Oh believe me, I am being careful.”
She can’t help but to glance below every few minutes. All of the belongings they had brought with them were at the bottom now, never to be retrieved again. She closed her eyes and looked up attempting to squeeze the wall for dear life. A hand slipped over hers and she opened her eyes and looked into his. She saw the ocean through his clear blue hopeful eyes and couldn’t look away.
She truly loved him and this day would have been perfect if it wasn’t’ for the sudden collapse of the floor in the cave they had chosen to sleep in on their safari. They only had just enough time to thrust themselves against the wall and cling for safety as they watched all their supplies fall below. And now they hold to the edge and scoot across the small ledge to safety.
He looked into her eyes and said ever so hopefully, “Are you ready? I know we can do this.”
She closed he eyes in recognition, too scared to say anything out loud but he knew she was ready. He slipped his foot not even and inch in front of him and gently pushed to check for sturdiness. He then slid his back foot into the exact spot his previous foot had been. He did this several more times and each time his love followed him. Silence overtook them and soon all consciousness failed her. She subconsciously quit feeling in front of her and just slid her way along the wall.
The wall gave away as she moved her front foot. She clawed at the wall as she spun to fall. Energy shot she found a notch on the ledge and held with all her might. He snapped his neck back in her direction and uttered a gasp that could’ve been heard around the world if it had been a scream. He slowly slid further down the ledge, only inches from the safety, and was able to balance himself, legs separated. He reached down for her, trying to convince her to let go with just one hand. But she just couldn’t do it.
“Leave me!” She uttered through her tears a muffled scream, “Just leave!”
“I couldn’t go a day without you, not a moment, now please give me your hand. I’d rather die than go on with out you.”
He reached for her hand and she slowly slid hers along the wall towards his. She grasped the edge and he moved closer. The wall below him broke free and he plummeted to the bottom of the dark and deep hole.
Slowly she heard the screams dissipate into the darkness. Overwhelming pain and grief overcame her as she burst into crying screams of terror and the wall shook. The ceiling fell from above and wiped her below to her death


  1. MAKE ME CRY!!!

  2. I've noticed that your short stories consist of death and horribly sad endings. Why?