30 November 2010


I am honestly feeling awful! (Incase you didn't see the title) I don't really have a clue of what to think anymore. I am no longer in hate but rather i am regretting everything i've said and i feel that the only way i can fix it is to write a letter that i can pour my heart into but considering the timing i am wrong and it would seem skanky. i keep having these awful nightmares but in reality it is just a repeat of what i did and said. To be honest, i keep thinking about what we did and i am heartbroken. i just wanted some time away you know cuz the summer of opportunities was coming up and i was tired of hurting. I don;t know what to do lets all hope i make the right choice.

22 November 2010

For truth

I believe that this past weekend I have truly connected with God! In some strange way I feel different and more mature. Listening to Justin Fatica's (LOOK HIM UP) talk really opened my eyes to the people around me. Not only the ones that I care for but the ones that I don't even know. I am truly upset that we had to leave early. But what he said will stay in my heart forever. I may listen to the music that is awful, I may cuss up a storm, but I am a God fearing Catholic girl who doesn't want to destroy her relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ. As Justin said, "YOU ARE AMAZING AND DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU AREN'T!!!!" If you are a parent who doesn't know how to protect their kids from this world, get one of his books. If you are a teen who feels alone and without a purpose, get his books! God Bless Everyone in this joyful season!