05 May 2010

Bus rides -> New girl EMBRACE IT!

I really hate riding the bus wen the damd driver has 2 pik up extra streets. Instead of the peaceful 6 of us its a full bus. A full bus of mostly anoying freshmen.
Now who hates freshmen? I DO! They annoy the $hit out of me. Parayding around the hals acting 2 cool for skool in reality they just started hi skool its more the seniors who should be 2 cool for skool. Or evn betr yet the seniors in colege shood b the ones prouncing around cuz ges wat! THEY R DONE!
I may b a sophmore myself but it seems as tho they r almost as bad. Im sure evry1 has seen that group of girls or evn guys that no1 wants 2 admit they no or r evn in the same class. 9/10 ( <-- actual statistic) thos girls r sophmores.
Why cant evry1 just giv up and act like an idiot like me and my wondrful frends tho im sure im the most weird and stupid and posbly the nicest person u wil evr meet unles u get on my bad side. Dont alwaz judge the girl who is full of life and is embracing it evry way she can. Dont say she is weird until uv met her u mite actualy end up realy enjoying the time u hav with her. Or betr yet b frends with the poor new girl. Dont shun her out. Put urself in her shoes and talk to her.


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  1. I really enjoyed this. I was a new girl once myself. I love you!!