09 October 2010


Hello my people! It's been awhile hasn't it!?
Okay so a catch up on my recent life… hmmmm i made an amazingly awesome bitchin' friend ELLY! Holy fuck she is the bomb. Just wait til i tell you a gist of it all.
So, I don't know if all these rumors are necessarily true or not but I have heard from a number of people that a certain jackass has been calling me a lezbo slut. Well, Mr Jackass I would like to state that I am not a lezbo slut. I shouldn't have to prove this to anyone but I guess that lil' tipsy feeling I have makes me want to redeem myself!
Reason 1: I am not a lezbo.
The term lezbo states that I am attracted to women and the fact of the matter is that I am so not. Let me tell you about a fun summer. I was at this party and I was buzzed this guy tried to get in my pants but I demanded he get me another drink first. Well, he did haha best make out ever! Take that fugga! (Charlie if you are reading this we should do it again sometime)
Reason 2: I am not a slut….
It only fucking happened once get your facts straight you piece of shit!
Okay so the few encounters I have had with Mr. Asshole are brief, very brief, I would like to point out that my dear friend does not like you. Do not flatter yourself for one second and think that someone so pretty could ever like you. She doesn't have a shred of attraction for you bitch. All the winks and waves were to get back at you for all the bull shitty comments that you have made and all the lies you have told all the glares I have seen that I know you'd try to deny. So Mr. Asshole go fuck yourself. Compare yourself to that of the bitchy liars that oppress our everyday lives you worthless bitch!
I would like to address the public in saying that last Sunday, October 3, would have been one year for us and for all the people who think that i was extremely depressed think again, please. On that day I watched a little YouTube video (no longer up) from his recent "heartbreak" saying how awful he is and I have realized that I made the right choice to dump that lousy freeloading poser.

I love you all sincerely,
Dumb ass American military teenage BRAT!

stfu-shut the fuck up

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