17 October 2010

Dear peacekeeper

Yesterday was pretty epic, and probably the scariest night of my life thus far. I went over to Elly's for just a hang out night to kind of say, "Fuck all you people at homecoming dance". Well, it all went down hill when her bcbf showed up with his friend to take us to his place. Well, her bcbf was piss ass drunk. His friend soon left and it was just the three of us. The ass hole had the nerve to blow smoke in my face and call Elly a whore and slut. We couldn't get out of there. Then she asked for his friends number so we could get a ride and he freaked out for like 30 seconds and never gave us the number. Did i mention he spiked Elly's drink and I had to dump it out before she got too wasted. But, anyways, he was all like, "I gotta pee bitches" and i'm pretty disgusted and still trying to get ahold of somebody with her phone so we could get a ride. He stands up and strokes my arm and he's all like, "Wanna come with you could watch and do some stuff that she doesn't have to know about" and i was like "WTF NO! get your drunk ass outta my face." Well that sent him over the edge and he told me to fucking get out then he started screaming at Elly about her wanting to supposedly hook up with the guy that she asked the number for. So his dad was freaking out and screaming that he was gonna call the cops and finally Elly's dad got ahold of me and I got her outta there as fast as possible and we walked to the TCBY and her parents picked us up. It was a bunch of bull. The thing now is that neither of them remembers anything. I'm not entirely sure what all to tell them but all i know is i am fucking disgusted.

bcbf- booty call boy friend

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