02 August 2010


"We must catch the feind who has been taking the most priceless DVDS!"

"But how will we do it madam?"

"Carefully i think we must use this priceless jeweled nail file in some way."

the servant walks over to the entertainment center and opens the bottom doors containing all the priceless DVDS. She looks behind the DVDs and see's a hole under the center.

"Look! there is a hole under this big enough for a small person to fit through"

"Hmmm these 7 DVD titles spell out something but there is an extra letter and they are jumbled."

"Take out an o madam"

"Oh my god it spells curious!"

"Madam an extra space is left on the shelf What will we do?"

"The nail file"

The detective inserts the nail file and a DVD rises from a secretcompartment that reads, "PRICELESS".

"Madam how...?"

"Carefully servant carefully. Quick we will catch the theif grab that slab of steel and when i say go slide it under the entertainment center. close the doors"


The detective opens the doors and out pops my mother who says BOO!!!!!!!!

It was all a dream a freaky dream lol

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