01 August 2011

Douchebags all around

So if you didn't read my last post "Shame" click here to read it now. You kinda need to read it before anything else makes sense because I don't feel up to par with recapping it again.
So after that douchebag ruined my night… summer… etc. I have a douchebag brother.
Should a 13 year old try and tell a 17 year old (who is much stronger) what to do? No.
See, here is a break down:
Back in Montana there was this group of 7th graders who rode the bus with the high schoolers (the two schools shared a bus due to lack of funds). Those 7th graders attempted to harass the upperclassmen. This continued as they became 8th graders in which time they became more ballsy and chose to harass the entire group of high schoolers on the bus. Now, one thing must be understood, the high schoolers couldn't do anything as these middle schoolers were still deemed children. When the 8th graders became freshmen, all hell broke loose and they were continued to be harassed and basically bullied all freshmen year and i predict all this year.
Now, my brother has turned into one of these sorts and I don't see it ending well for him. I am no longer protecting him. He to can have a nice life because I am going to leave it.

Anyone else want to be a douche too?

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