26 July 2011

Cry for help

I'm sending out this cry for help.
I'm trying to re-design myself. Get a new look and new me.
I've dyed my hair blonde.
Gotten facial after facial.
Gotten my nails professionally done.
Wear make up no matter what.
Made my boobs perkier with exercise and went up a size.
Lost 3 inches of my waist and 12 lbs total.
Gained muscle.
And finally stay shaved soft and smooth.
I am trying to lose more weight.

9 muffins went missing from the fridge this morning… I ate 2. I have no idea where the others are.

Kathren Jane where are the damn muffins?
I don't know.
How many have you had?
I had 2 at 7 when I got up to pee.
Bull shit!
You ate all of them!
No I didn't!
Then why are the muffins gone?
Uh, you ever think that maybe someone else ate them?
Bull shit fat ass!
Excuse me?! Look at yourself. You ain't no supermodel!
You ate them!
I'm trying to lose weight. You've seen what I eat! Why the fuck would I eat 9 damn muffins if I want to lose wieght!?!?!?!?!?

Lori, she has a point.

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