01 June 2010

My explanation

So today I saw a comment on my short story, "Dark Abyss" that asked why I write sad endings. So I will explain my theory.

Love is only a fairy tale. Only a glimpse of the love we hold in our hearts for God. Lust is what we approach everyday for that male or female companion. Love is only between a parent and child as God loves us, his children. All the happy ending stories are happy but only for a short while. I doubt it every remains that hapy or they remain that "in-love". Eventually it ends. Sadly I have discovered this all too late myself but one must go on. Every "love" ends in heart break from separation to death. No fairy tale lasts forever, therefore the love we hold for our companions doesn't either. The only love that remains is a parent for their children, children to parent and God to children, children to God. I know many think they are in love but truly think about the love you hold for God compared to everyone else... Which is more real?

1 comment:

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