31 December 2010

Life… for better or for worse

You know life has handed me some pretty amazing people in my time. My friends know who you are and a few i consider my sisters like Emilie or Kenzie. But it is safe to admit that i have been looking for a male figure, someone to hang out with and not be girly and shit. G (not sure if I use his actual name so I'll use the street) . G is an amazing friend. You ever had one of those great friends of the opposite sex where you can be your fucked up self and they don''t care, be as gross as you want or whatever? G is one of those friends bringing me up when I'm down, never letting me feel like I don't belong. We hang out all the time. I always go over to work to "work" or "swim" but in actuality I'm hanging out and acting stupid with him. It's great because we don't always have to be stupid and crazy to have something in common. We have completely serious conversations about anything. It's kind of like having a boyfriend without all the baggage. It was funny, today G said that one day he wants to meet my ex… so he can give him a piece of mind(in short terms, kick his ass). I am so stoked! I honestly thought this year was going to suck. But slowly things a turning around (and only half way through the year…) Well life is good for me, I hope yours is successful.

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